Friendly Auctions – because any other auction is ‘unfriendly’

Sam prides himself on the way he conducts the promotion of his sellers homes. He utilises the Friendly Auction System which is designed to make the process of buying at auction easier, more informed and transparent with the agent.

One of the things buyers appreciate the most is the publishing of price guides and talk openly with buyers about pricing of the home, which is then updated throughout the campaign from feedback by interested parties week by week to provide buyers and sellers with a more accurate indication of the sell price on auction day.

Sam can also help buyers organise:

  • Private showings outside of the allocated open homes if those days/times are not suitable.
  • A free finance meeting with a senior broker from Clarity home loans who will ensure finances are in order by auction day if given a couple of weeks notice.
  • A free discussion with the building inspector to chat about any items in the building, pest, compliance and EER reports and to discuss extent of any rectifications works if required.
  • Quotes for any works buyers wish to do on the home so they can factor the costs in to their bidding on the day.
  • Access for a bank valuation, if required.
  • Re-negotiation of clauses in the contract to suit individual buyers circumstances (eg: settlement date or exchange deposit).
  • Pre-auction bidding strategy meeting to give advice on how to bid to give the strongest chance of securing the home within budget, we can also indicate extent of other buyer interest in this meeting.
  • Pre-registration and authority forms for others to bid on behalf of the actual buyer if they can not, or simply don’t want, to bid personally.
  • A referral to a panel of solicitors who have ideal systems for pre auction buyers. You can choose one to review the contract and assist with any clauses or special conditions to suit your situation. Many have a one off fee upfront and they will review as many property contracts with you as you need, becasue you may review 5 different auction contracts, and only buy 1 of them.
  • A link to the full marketing contract can be sent to the solicitor you select prior to auction day by requesting this from us by phone or email