Many agents tell their clients what they want to hear, but my thoughts are you shouldn’t believe them, including me for that matter too.

The only way to predict your future selling outcome is to look back at what the agent has done in the recent past and hear from those clients. You should see their past results, selling statistics and be able to chat directly with their past clients.

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About Sam

Apart from driving my Holden Torana everyday (it sure beats a stereotypical German car), outside of real estate I enjoy time with my daughter, partner and CrossFit, which enables me to enjoy good food and IPA’s on weekends. #dadbod.

After our family home burnt down in the 2003 Canberra bushfires and the mediocre experience my parents had in renting then purchasing again in 2004, I started real estate in 2006. Now after 14 years with a major Canberra franchise I am ready to do real estate my way, welcome to Edge Sam Buchanan. Along with residential sales, I am excited to deliver property management and buyers agency services with the commitment, communication and clout I feel only the owner of the business can deliver.

In 2020, 81% of Sam’s business was repeat & referral based.

Being  4 out of every 5 homes sold, this is evidence of Sam’s continued ability to deliver on his promises.

Being agile and moving away from the franchise model is the way I see real estate heading and was the driving force to start my own business. ‘Turning a speed boat is easier than turning a tanker’. The franchise structure with the ‘high street’ bricks and mortar setup that I felt was ideal for me and relevant to consumers back in 2006 is no longer true.

Welcome to change, and welcome to Edge Sam Buchanan! Continue reading “About Sam”

Videography and Social Media

Real estate videos can be boring! Here are different styles that engage buyers and educate them on core features that can’t be seen in photos, or paragraphs of text that aren’t read.

58sec is the average time buyers spend on a listing according to allhomes. Keeping buyers on your listing helps build engagement and reasons why your home should be on their inspection list instead of pushed aside for another day!

Videos are also used on Facebook and the proof is in the numbers! Two property posts with Facebook screenshots below had:

– 18,000 and 21,000 reach respectively,
– 1,400 and 3,200 engagement,
– 37 and 127 likes,
– 11 and 52 comments,
– 4 and 27 shares and lastly
6 and 13 buyer inspections!

The buyers that inspected came directly from these Facebook ads that did not see allhomes or first as they didn’t consider the suburb or property features in the search fields!

Premium seller referral – 10 Dryandra St O’Conner

Having been considering selling our family home for some years, I had met with many agents to get a good feel for what each one offered.

Sam was by no means the cheapest, in fact he was double what others had quoted me.

The sale was a little different to your standard as I’m in the real estate industry too, I wanted to do all the photos and walk thru video with my chosen photographers. In addition I wanted to write my own marketing and had strong ideas on how we should approach the sale. Instead of disagreeing, Sam just got on board and worked with me.

Sam was successful in listing Thursday, opening both Saturday and Sunday and presented us with an offer we accepted on Tuesday. This was a great outcome for our family as anyone with young children would know how hard it is to keep your home show ready. I chose Sam over the other agents because he was working for us and from the time I first contacted him about another of our properties, he has consistently stayed in contact updating me every 4-6 months on other sales. I knew he would do the same with the potential buyers. Other agents did not do this. They came and we were forgotten.

Our beautiful home would sell itself, but I believe other agents would have brought me lower offers as he did the hard work negotiating with the buyer upfront before he came to us.

I think it is important that you do this research before selecting an agent. If you are considering selling, do your homework, don’t shop on their price but their value and Sam is an excellent negotiator. All the best Sam!

Sian Day – Seller and owner of Little Miss Agent

Friendly Auctions – because any other auction is ‘unfriendly’

Sam prides himself on the way he conducts the promotion of his sellers homes. He utilises the Friendly Auction System which is designed to make the process of buying at auction easier, more informed and transparent with the agent.

One of the things buyers appreciate the most is the publishing of price guides and talk openly with buyers about pricing of the home, which is then updated throughout the campaign from feedback by interested parties week by week to provide buyers and sellers with a more accurate indication of the sell price on auction day.

Sam can also help buyers organise: